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Dark Moon Rising [entries|friends|calendar]
Dark Night Moon

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[01 Apr 2006|10:17pm]

heya im new.

i hate it how people presume you would want to just feel 24/7 happy..and they expect you to do so otherwise you are sick or sadistic.why cant people just accept the emotion of sadness as well as happiness? instead of going out forcing others to be empty hollow shells that smile all the time hwy not leave them some time to think about life form a different point of view.

just thought id share a thought :)
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[06 Jun 2004|12:09pm]
[ mood | blank ]

*sigh* I hate Life ... Fuck it ... there is no point!!!

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Hello [05 Jun 2004|09:11pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Hi Hi ... new community ... yay. Damn this boredom, it does crazy things to me! Hmm .. so anyways. Join if you like. And if you do, write anything and everything you want! ^.^
Well ... to start of .. How about some things about me? Yes yes ... splendid idea ^.^

Name: Stacy
Age: 3926 =P
Ocupation: Student and secret assasin .. woah i cant spell for shit!
...err blah? What else? *think think thinkt think think* .. Well err ... I am me? Which is a mix of diffrent things! Like ... goth, sk8ter, rocker, punk, raver and tree hugger? I'm Pagan .. ive been studying for about 3 years now. I smoke ... to much. Im going to take up guitar and Im depressed? Also a bit wild and wierd ... yeap thats me! So yeah ... l8ter peeps

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